"Legacy isn't the worship of ashes,

it's the preservation of fire."

Our Approach 

In a study cited by the Wall Street Journal, the number one reason for lost inheritance (60%) isn't due to poor financial decisions such as taxes or investment choices.  It's due to distrust between heirs and shallow, or non-existent, communication amongst them.  

Problem: How does one achieve aligned decision-making across multiple family generations?

Solution: Create (and Sustain) a Shared Mental Model

Our Process

The Freestone Solutions Group helps families confirm the alignment of their shared values and then guides them as they transfer their Legacy from one generation to the next. We do this by immersing the family in a meaningful shared experience that includes outdoor activities and volunteer events. Throughout the experience, we use our proprietary process to confirm alignment of shared values, forge agreement on the need for responsible Legacy transfer, transform individual ideas into a Shared Vision, and develop suitable options for implementing the Shared Vision. With our process embedded in a series of memorable events, each participant will be imbued with a rich, tactile reservoir of memories they can call on when they reflect on the family's Legacy.

You are the family wanting to design your dream home. We are the architects helping you make your vision a reality.

The Shared Mental Model

  • Mental models are what people use to represent the real world

    • ”Model” = Simplification of reality

  • Mental models consist of values, social norms, experiences, etc.

  • Mental models shape choices & action in the real world

  • Individual mental models change through Drift, Disruption, Design

    • First two are implicit, Design is intentional

  • Shared mental models produce common understanding

    • Not the sum of individual mental models

    • Are the agreed upon framework of group definitions, values, beliefs

Humans Remember Stories Best

  • “The power of the parable”

  • Things embedded in a storyline are more memorable than lists

  • Shared Experiences = “Living Stories”

  • Every family has many “remember when” stories

  • Shared Experiences engage all the senses, which enhances learning and recall

  • Remembering accurately requires discipline - and planning

  • Legacy Transmission: Artifacts (photos, videos, sketches) and narrative essential

Our 5 Step Legacy Process






Proposal & Agreement






You’ve worked hard, and you’ve succeeded. You want to hand “it” down to the next generations. It’s more than wealth, more than material possessions – it's what you believe in, it’s your values, it’s your story. You want to give them your family's Legacy. We can help you.

Family at a Beach

“All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.” —Jim Rohn

Mature Businesswoman

For Advisors

Freestone Solutions Group is not a financial planning institution.  But we understand the challenges that advisors face as they prepare their clients for the largest transfer of wealth ever seen.  We seek to work with advisors who not only want to foster trusting relationships with families and heirs, but that also share our belief in the generational power of a well-executed and comprehensive Legacy strategy.   

For more detailed information about our Legacy Process, please contact us.